Biosecurity360 More Control. More Communication. More Compliance.

Biosecurity360 is a better way to manage your operation’s biosecurity program, improving all aspects of farm access management, including communication, compliance, traceability, and reporting. No more unexpected visitors, no more incomplete records, no more miscommunication. And, no hardware investment required.

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Limit the introduction and spread of disease across your operation.

Farm Entry Management

Visit Logs

Contractor Management

Epidemiology Reporting

Farm Entry Management

How do your employees, maintenance crews, and unexpected visitors check in to a farm site? Are you still using a clip board and a sign-in sheet by the door, and hoping everyone is adhering to your nights down requirements? Building on Barn360’s digital integrated site mapping, health status, and nights down logic, Biosecurity360 overlays a geofence around each site enabling a digital check-in process that automatically knows where an employee has previously been, validates your nights down requirements and then automatically communicates to the farm manager if that person should be allowed to check in.

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Visit Logs

Do you know where an employee or supplier has been…which sites, on which days and for how long? Can every employee look up their own site-visit history before entering a farm to ensure they have complied with the nights down rules? Biosecurity360 visit logs gives you all the transparency you need to see who is coming and going – employees and supplier -- from every site. Real-time farm-traffic reports are at your fingertips 24/7, creating the necessary epidemiology tracking and verification you need to help minimize disease spread and provide animal health officials in the face of an FAD.

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Contractor Management

Do you know where your contractors have previously been before entering your sites? And, if they have been on a health-compromised site, are they willing to share that information with you? Managing contractors is often our biggest vulnerability in biosecurity programs. That’s why Biosecurity360 offers producers the opportunity to work together managing shared contractors who are visiting multiple sites across multiple producers. Biosecurity360 logs contractor visits and, based on real-time health status and nights down logic, automatically schedules contractors to visit your sites – and provide directions – only if they meet the nights down requirements.

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Epidemiology Reporting

In the face of a FAD break, you’ll be asked to provide numerous epidemiology records to help prove negative status and keep your business moving forward. Will you have to piece those records together from different sources? Will they be complete, up-to-date, and accurate? Biosecurity360 solves that challenge by providing you a real-time reporting platform that automatically consolidates and updates your pig movement data across your operation. So, when your state or federal animal health officials ask, you’ll be prepared with all of the required reports at your fingertips, and ready to share with single click.

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Add-on Solutions

An affordable platform to grow on


As you realize the value Barn360 delivers, you can cost-effectively integrate additional digital solutions to your Barn360 home page in the areas of Biosecurity, Site Health Sharing, and, soon to be released, a new solution to help you optimize your pig movement logistics.


More control. More communication. More compliance.

Site Health Sharing

Share. View. Decide.


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Optimize Pig Movements


Let us prove the value in your operation

Every operation is different, and we are all facing our own unique challenges. So, let’s partner and figure out where Barn360 can add the most value to your operation. It may simply be getting your critical data organized on one platform, or giving farm managers more visibility to critical information so they can make better decisions, or maybe it’s about improving biosecurity compliance and farm access management for contractors. Whatever it might be, we want to make the investment in helping you overcome the challenge and prove how Barn360 is a multi-application solution that works for you.

  • 90-day trial period at no cost to you
  • Start with system assessment, identifying opportunities
  • Define success and how we will measure it
  • Work with our team on sharing and uploading data, onboarding, and ongoing support
  • Provide feedback throughout the process
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A proven process that takes weeks, not months

As producers, we put production first, and we know how important it is that implementation can’t disrupt your daily operations. Technology should make your job easier and solve real problems that improve operational efficiencies. And it must be practical. That’s why we’ve designed an implementation process that focuses on the user and gives you a solution that provides value in days, versus months.

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Phase 11-2 weeks

Assess & Define Scope

What is the current state of your data? Where does it reside and in what form? What problems can we solve out of the box? Align on scope, timeline and budget.

Phase 21-2 days

Share Your Data

By providing support and a template which you can populate, we can make this process easy and efficient.

Phase 31-2 days

Data Upload

In just a day or two we can upload your data on the platform. Validations are completed as part of the process.

Phase 41-2 days

Onboard Users

We will set-up a few short training sessions with key individuals and departments, and provide login and password to web portal – and you'll be able to download mobile app.

Phase 5

Ready To Go

Start using sitemap, health status, directories and documents library. Our team can help you extract the full value of Barn360.

Phase 6

Feedback & Continued Support

We're here to help. How can we continue to improve? What other challenge can we help you address? Technical and user support 24/7.

What is the current state of your data? Where does it reside and in what form? What problems can we solve out of the box? Align on scope, timeline and budget.


Your data is secure and protected

BarnTools is commited to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. We understand that the protection of your confidential data is a top priority in your decision to choose us as your digital transformation partner.

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Get all your questions answered

How does your software track check-ins at farm sites?

Our mobile application will automatically track people/animal/vehicle movements coming into a site through geofencing and control access zones. If the farm has a computer, the farm manager or appropriate authorized personnel can permit entry accordingly.

What reports are available to know if employees are following biosecurity protocol?

There are multiple reports such as site and employee visit history, overrides, site health, geofencing, epidemiology, and third-party providers. Our nights down engine allows individual to know if they have the proper nights down prior to entry.

How can our biosecurity rules be managed in your software?

We can upload any production company’s health matrix and biosecurity protocol. Can be easily adjusted for changes within your rules.

How can your software help me prepare for a FAD?

Our software offers farm access management, real-time heath status, analytics and insights, along with your biosecurity rules, to prepare and prevent disease mitigation by quickly producing the necessary information needed to appropriate state levels to prove negative and keep animals moving.

You mention more informed decisions. Tell me how your software helps with these decisions for animal flow and placements?

Having quick access to real-time site and health information, you can make decisions on where/when to place new pigs or move accordingly. Knowing if a neighboring site might have been introduced to a disease, you can make decisions accordingly.

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