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BarnTalk - 16 Months Strong

April 21, 2021

This week marks 16 months that we’ve had BarnTalk deployed in our BarnTools testing barns. As we approach the launch of our BarnTalk Progressive Producer Program, we wanted to take a look back at everything we’ve learned along the way. While we set out with a list of goals and expected findings, we were pretty surprised about some of the other things we found, and are even more excited about what we are still yet to find. Here’s are four highlights that we were surprised to learn:

1) We’ve collected nearly 100,000,000 data points across approximately 200 sensors in 40 barns.

2) Single Carrier solutions are risky. During last August’s Derecho in Iowa, we observed many of our gateways switching from their primary towers to an alternate due to power damage and connectivity strength.

3) We are all human, and sometimes we clock out early on Friday and leave the water running. At ~$.015/gallon that can add up quick. So quick that our BarnTalk Starter Kit can pay for itself over the course of a weekend!

4) Temperatures in large rooms can vary greatly depending on seasons and time of day. Ensuring optimal temperatures in each growing stage can add to your bottom line and allows for ideal animal conditions at all times.

In addition to these four highlights, the most important thing we've learned is that you can’t fix what you can’t see. With the help of BarnTalk, we've allowed users to identify and address costly issues impacting animal health and operational inefficiencies. For more information or details about how you can participate in our Progressive Producer Program, please email Greg Burroughs – gburroughs@barntools.com.

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