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Livestock Remote Monitoring and Alarm System for the Modern Producer

June 01, 2020

All data is encrypted, meaning that it cannot be lost or stolen. Producers who use Smart Alarm Systems like Barntalk can contribute to better efficiency, productivity, and profitability in livestock farming.

It’s not about adding additional pieces of software so that they fit into your current system. It’s about using smart technology and transforming your multiple data sources and disconnected business processes into a single pork production management platform, enabling them to talk to each other – and even learn along the way through the use of AI.

Digital transformation can help your organization be more connected, more informed, and more efficient, while simplifying everyday operations for you, your employees, and your farms.

Barntalk helps you reduce risk and transform how you manage your barn environment. BarnTalk monitors your barn’s internal and external temperature, humidity, water consumption and power – and does all this from an easy-to-use and secure mobile app. 

No more worrying if your power gets knocked out by a storm, or whether your pigs, layers, or broilers are consuming enough water.  BarnTalk provides relevant analytics, including historical patterns, so that you can identify trends and adjust settings to help you make more informed decisions towards optimizing your barn environment.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart computing technologies have revolutionized every aspect of 21st-century human life. Where will you stand in this transformation? 

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Michael Hansen
BarnTools, Inc

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