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Livestock Smart Alarm Systems - Your Eyes and Ears in the Barn

October 26, 2020

The farming and livestock industry are undergoing some dramatic changes these days with the help of modern technologies. Today’s successful pig farms are ones where farmers use technology to their advantage. The latest livestock smart alarm systems make you more prepared against any troubles that may arise on your farm. Those who adopt modern pig farming technologies provide the best possible environment for raising, feeding, housing, and caring for pigs throughout all stages of their lives.

The newest wireless smart alarm system helps revolutionize the ways in which you respond to problems in your barn. Essentially, it constitutes an intelligent network of wireless sensors. You are at the controls of this convenient system with the help of plug-in-play hardware, which comes strapped with a multicarrier SIM. Modern smart alarm systems like BarnTalk act as a solid bridge for remote monitoring your barns. They bring real-time information to the smart phone in your hand allowing you to monitor your barn’s internal and external temperature, humidity, water consumption, and power – doing all this from an easy-to-use and secure mobile app.

You can check power and other levels anytime, anywhere, without going to the barn. It brings connectivity and intelligence to a farm in a super easy and convenient way. This smart alarm system is a simple and reliable tool for monitoring and managing barn environment and protecting your livestock.

BarnTalk is not just a monitoring system, it is an ultimate solution for monitoring your livestock and making your job easier. It gives you the ability to view your barn right from your cellphone or tablet. The BarnTalk app is available for Apple iPhone and Android phones.

This technology benefits your business in more than one way. Barntalk is more than just a company that provides you with a smart alarm system. It also guarantees alarm network connectivity, provides you with longer battery life, a direct and isolated connection from each barn to a 4G base station, less maintenance points, less trouble spots, plus so much more.

BarnTalk is connected cellularly and doesn’t require a landline or internet connection. The system is durable and easy to install. The financial rewards for incorporating pig farming technology not only increase the efficiency of pork production, but also help farmers manage their operations more effectively. Automated solutions offer savings by reducing costs in such areas as energy, feed, or through disease prevention. In 2020 the trend toward improving pig farming technology continues.

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Michael Hansen
BarnTools, Inc

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