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Modern Smart Alarm Systems - Old-fashioned ‘solutions’ VS New ways

June 01, 2020

It would be no exaggeration to say that agriculture is as old as man himself. As the world’s population grows, farmers need to produce more and more food with the same, or fewer, resources.  One thing’s certain, the future of farming is grabbing the attention of entrepreneurs set to revolutionize the industry further. New start-ups  are using technology to improve the health and care of livestock, while also finding ways of reducing costs and resources in their production.

Livestock producers’ daily operations and long-term results suffer due to out-of-date technology. Old-fashioned ‘solutions’ take up too much administrating time, leaving producers with not enough ‘in barn’ hours. Their data is incomplete and dated, living across multiple scattered spreadsheets. Alongside other tech challenges, they have been putting off upgrading their systems due to cost, resources, and a lack of data experts in their teams to lead this process.

BarnTalk is an up-to-date solution for farmers, backed up by a synthesis of technology and expertise in the field. The product is developed by producers for producers.  Let's compare and see the ADVANTAGES OVER THE OLD WAYS:

Old Ways

  1. One phone line with a dial out alarm, meaning blackouts with single device failure.
  2. Big production systems wire their alarms to share data band with other things like farm computers  risking data jams and node failures when the alarm system should be independent and prioritized.
  3. Burdensome LAN networks (routers, firewalls, hubs, repeaters, network switches), slowing down 4G data transmission.
  4. Each LAN node device requires a backup battery in case of power outage.
  5. Each tangible link and node device also risks failure due to exposure (humidity/dust/corrosion).
  6. Technically intensive  maintenance and debugging.
  7. Expensive and hard-to-install wiring.

Next Generation

  1. Direct and segmented connection from each barn to 4G base station.
  2. Each gateway has a built-in 4G module providing dedicated sensor data to the cloud, free from other app interference. Module can scale down to 2G to work in the most remote areas.
  3. No daisy chaining a gang of devices together where when one breaks it all breaks. Each barn is connected direct to the cloud. Segmented LANs safe from having their device chains broken.
  4. Gateways have built-in, power-outage-proof backup batteries.
  5. With no wiring, there’s no risk of a physical break in the connection and no labor.
  6. The system .jumps carriers alwayss maintaining network uptime.
  7. Communication failures are isolated to single gateways.
  8. Less maintenance points, less potential trouble spots.
  9. Zero ethernet plugs, zero sensor comm wires.

With smartphones and internet basically omnipresent, it’s time farmers harness available technologies and enjoy the peace of mind that having intelligent farm info anywhere at anytime brings.

Stay tuned for more!

Michael Hansen
BarnTools, Inc

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