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Optimize Your Barn Environment – Must-Have Farming Equipment

October 21, 2020

Technology has permeated every inch of society, and the farming industry is no exception. Each year, more and more farming companies invest their resources into upgrading barn alarm systems and optimizing the barn environment. Over the last few years, the market value of smart alarm and management systems in the farm industry has amounted to more than 2.52 billion USD. Today’s farms are using a mix of data, hardware, software, and analysis to sharpen techniques and maximize production.

Barntalk, in particular, has gained some serious attention for its ability to help farmers remotely monitor livestock such as swine or poultry. This platform optimizes the barn environment by utilizing the best wireless technology to manage and show owners live data on their barn’s internal and external temperature, power and water consumption, humidity, along with other important aspects.

Farmers are using this software and hardware combination to build a more tech-savvy version of the traditional farm, without spending extra time being physically present. Essentially, BarnTalk is the most modern monitoring and alarm system, with easy-to-install equipment and a user-friendly interface. It lets you control barn alarm settings and trigger thresholds from anywhere and anytime, all within a secure mobile app. By implementing these new strategies and software, farmers can ensure that the livestock industry is sustainable enough to feed many generations to come. One unique advantage is that BarnTalk comes with cellular connectivity built into the device and included in its monthly subscription. The alarm system talks to multiple cellular carriers so there is never any downtime or loss of connectivity. Even if you live in an area with poor coverage, BarnTalk will still work!

Becoming a subscriber of Barntalk’s smart alarm platform means that you receive a complete hardware package and secure mobile app. It comes with an easy-to-follow guide and all the sensors you need to control your barn’s alarms. The whole set-up process takes minutes rather than hours, which is a tremendous pro. The monthly subscription fee covers the cost of wireless services, warranty, and high-volume data storage. BarnTalk delivers peace of mind, plus so much more. Stay tuned for more information!

Michael Hansen
BarnTools, Inc

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