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The Future of Livestock Farming

June 01, 2020

Like so many sectors today, livestock farming is being revolutionized by Smart Alarm Technological Innovations. Shaped by consumer consciousness around animal welfare and new market dynamics, data-driven solutions are leading the charge in this shifting landscape, with automation and robotics playing key roles in AgTech innovation. 

Truth be told, technological solutions are nothing new in the modern farmer’s arsenal. A 2017 paper by Deloitte on digitalization in global meat production referenced just this in the form of Smart Livestock Farming. To understand the smart farm of today, we have to consider such constituent elements as AI, Big Data, or Cloud Computing, all geared toward boosting production, environmental load, and animal well-being. Key techs behind these solutions are built using the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to capture data on-farm.

It may seem obvious that livestock farming is not unique in how it stands to gain from emerging tech. Arguably though, this field will need to disproportionately harness modern technologies to take on tomorrow’s challenges. Foremost of these is rising global meat demand, expected to at least double by 2050. Considered alongside resultant environmental degradation, maximization in terms of efficiency and yield will be key to maintaining sustainability.

Coming in on this tide of AgTech innovation is BarnTalk, a system that  specifically addresses effective farm management. Here optimization is key, and BarnTalk gives the farmer the tools to remotely monitor indicators like barn temperature, humidity, and water and energy consumption. It manages to do all this through the use of smart technology, transferring relevant, live data directly to a mobile app on a phone or tablet. With minimum threshold settings, the platform can notify the grower the moment indicators fall below desired levels. BarnTalk exemplifies the tools bringing the modern farm into an efficient, digital space.

The future need not look bleak, and livestock farming innovation clearly demonstrates the positive impacts of tech on boosting sector vitality long-term. With the global smart farming market projected to double in the next five years , sky’s the limit for any audacious AgTech company aiming to contribute to the transformation – ultimately creating a better world for farmers and consumers.

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Michael Hansen
BarnTools, Inc

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