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Update: One Month Since Our Official Launch at World Pork!

July 09, 2021

Through invaluable conversations at our booth and with our new and existing customers, we have learned a lot. We’ve also confirmed a few of our assumptions about BarnTalk and the existing alarm and monitoring systems on the market today.

Here are five key learnings:

1) Most farmers pay too much money to cellular providers for hotspots to bring outdated alarm and monitoring systems online. Landlines are even worse! The BarnTalk subscription pricing model makes sense (and saves dollars). The price you pay per gateway decreases as you add on. You always know what you’re paying for – data costs, multi-carrier connectivity, and ongoing features and benefits delivered to the app every two weeks.

2) Existing alarm systems offer no visibility into the farm while away. At BarnTalk, we believe in empowering producers with practical, reliable, and affordable systems for everyday use in their operations. The alternative would be to spend $15,000-$30,000 on a fancy controller. That’s way too much a pig space.

3) Farmers value a company that listens to feedback and uses it to add new features to the system and mobile app. After all, they are the ones using it every day! At BarnTalk, our agile software development allows us to release new features and changes to the app every two weeks.

4) Peace of mind is everything, and peace of mind comes from trust and visibility. When you know you can rely on the remote monitoring and alarm system you have in place, and you can quickly and easily view conditions anytime from your phone, there’s never a need to worry.

5) Farmers still spend time manually collecting data like daily high/low temps, water usage (if they measure water at all), and other conditions, when we can collect these automatically. BarnTalk automatically collects, tracks, and visualizes barn information in the app and allows farmers to generate custom reports.

Are you looking to upgrade your alarm system? Or want visibility into your barn without emptying the bank on a fancy controller? We want to hear your thoughts, comments, or questions on the system!

Feel free to reach out to the team at support@barntools.com or 515-220-2727.

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