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Barn360 Platform

How long between setup and starting to use the platform to make decisions?

Usually one week to get going, but most of the work is on our end so we don't strain your time and resources!

Can I share health status with my neighbors?

Yes, if both production systems are on Barn360 and consent to sharing site health.

Where is my data stored and how is it treated?

Locked vault of your data is stored on our cloud. Your data is private and confidential.

Who has access to our company data?

No one, except your company.

What type of equipment would I need to purchase?

Our software is available via the web or any digital device. We supply you with a web address and/or mobile application. You do not need to purchase any additional hardware.

What data privacy/protection measures are in place?

A security program with privacy controls is in place for protection of your data. All data is encrypted so your data cannot be lost or stolen.

What systems do you integrate with?

BarnTools has the ability to integrate with various third-party software programs.


How can your software help me prepare for a FAD?

Our software offers farm access management, real-time heath status, analytics and insights, along with your biosecurity rules, to prepare and prevent disease mitigation by quickly producing the necessary information needed to appropriate state levels to prove negative and keep animals moving.

What reports are available to know if employees are following biosecurity protocol?

There are multiple reports such as site and employee visit history, overrides, site health, geofencing, epidemiology, and third-party providers. Our nights down engine allows individual to know if they have the proper nights down prior to entry.

What reports are available to know where people have been and where they are going?

The employee and site visit history provides this data. The nights down lookup can be used for individuals to compare or use with their scheduling of site visits.

Does everyone coming/going to our farms need to have the mobile application for tracking? If so, what if they don’t manage or pay attention to notifications, etc.? How is this handled?

If you have a computer at your farm, you can capture farm entry through the web. The mobile application is recommended for all parties who may be entering your farm(s) for automatic/efficient tracking.

Explain more about how geofencing works.

A virtual fence is set up around each of your farms. Your mobile device tracks your location when you enter into the fence and indicates that you are about to enter a farm.

How does your software track check-ins at farm sites?

Our mobile application will automatically track people/animal/vehicle movements coming into a site through geofencing and control access zones. If the farm has a computer, the farm manager or appropriate authorized personnel can permit entry accordingly.

How can our biosecurity rules be managed in your software?

We can upload any production company’s health matrix and biosecurity protocol. Can be easily adjusted for changes within your rules.

Site Health Sharing

Do you have a report we can easily share with updated site health status?

Yes, a site health history report can be run and exported. This report can be filtered by site, all sites, farm manager, disease, and/or time frame.

Tell me about how producers can collaborate around site health status. What all can be seen?

Producers sign an agreement to share their site and health status information with other producers. The user can see a map of all shared sites, site details, and current health status.

How does the health status get updated in the software?

We can upload current health site information and future updates can be handled by the administrator of your company in the software. Only new information would need to be updated.

What all can be done on your mobile application?

Many things such as directions to site, site health, check if you have enough nights down, contact information for farms.

You mention more informed decisions. Tell me how your software helps with these decisions for animal flow and placements?

Having quick access to real-time site and health information, you can make decisions on where/when to place new pigs or move accordingly. Knowing if a neighboring site might have been introduced to a disease, you can make decisions accordingly.


Do I have to have internet access to run BarnTalk?

No, BarnTalkis cellular connected and doesn’t require a landline or internet connection.

Does the Gateway collecting data from the sensors use my internet data?

No, BarnTalkis standalone, with no overage charges

What kind of smart phone do I need to have to use the app?

The BarnTalk app is available for Apple iPhone and Android phones.

How do I install BarnTalk?

You can easily install BarnTalk yourself, and our phone app has installation wizard that guide you through the whole installation process

What tools are required to install?

Beside the tool to wire power to your gateway. Basically you don’t need any additional tools for your sensor, hang your sensor wherever you feel like and call it done.

How long does it take to install?

Since there is no time-consuming wiring job for the sensor. The whole process really just taking minutes. We had customer that use to take weeks to put in old alarm system for a 5000 sow farm and was able to get the job done within 2 hours

What is the warranty on sensors?

We warranty our sensors for 1 year. As long as you have an active subscription, warranty continues

What happens if the power goes out?

BarnTalk gateway has a battery backup that will last up to 24+ hours on full charge.

How do I monitor the data I receive from the sensors?

Through the smartphone app or through the BarnTalk web portal.

Do I get alerted if there is an issue with a sensor?

Yes, BarnTalk continuously monitors the status of all the sensors and will alert you if there’s a problem.

How do I set up a system to get alerts?

BarnTalk alerts are easily programmed from the mobile app.

How many sensors can I get ?

Up to 32 per Gateway per barn.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee for each sensor I have?

No, BarnTalk charges a flat monthly fee per each Gateway, you can have as many sensors installed as you would like for that price.

Why monthly subscription?

We charge fixed monthly fee to cover SIM cost, internet cost, storing one year’s worth of data, sending real time alerts, and analytics engine.

Are the BarnTalk sensors waterproof?

All of the enclosures are IP 67 graded, however it is still advisable to not power wash your sensor during cleaning as the shock and vibration by the water jet can be harmful for the internal PCBA. Also for the Humidity sensor. Direct water exposure should be avoided as continuous reading of 100% will compromise the longevity

How do I setup the app from my smartphone?

Search for BarnTalk in both IOS app store and Google play and download.

What if I need more gateways or sensors?

Gateways and sensors are sold seperately. You can buy them individually and plug & play.

What sensors are available?

Temperature, humidity, power outage, auger runtime, CO2 , air speed, light intensity, pulse water meter sensing, independent water meter, water pressure, water leak, curtain up or down and door open/close.

Are custom sensors available?

We are always developing custom sensors for our customers. Call us today if you’ve got a unique project that could use a new type of sensor.

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