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Our Site Health Sharing solution offers opportunity to collaborate with like-minded producers in the sharing of an interactive site-mapping technology that provides visibility and transparency to health-compromised farm sites – yours and your neighbor’s – so you can make more informed pig flow and placement decisions.

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Provide your farm locations and health status


See health status of neighboring farms in your region


Make more informed business decisions on where and when to move pigs

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More sharing. More visibility. More informed.

Site Health Sharing is so much more than just a digital site map – click on any location for essential information, including farm type, capacity, ownership, and health status for up to seven diseases, including PRRs and PEDv.

  • Customize your view by type of site, location and/or disease health status
  • Easily calculate distance between sites and share directions with just one click
  • Communicate with participating producers and learn from each other
  • Reports and analytics are at your fingertips and, in the case of a FAD break, allow you to respond immediately by providing required reports to animal health officials to help prove negative status
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No learning curve or business interruption

Step 1

Provide us with your site data – we will upload for you

Step 2

Receive login and password to the Site Health Sharing portal

Step 3

Update your current health status by site

Step 4

One-hour training on homepage navigation and reports

Step 5

Start sharing your site health; view neighboring site health status

Add-on Solutions

An affordable platform to grow on


As you realize the value of Site Health Sharing, you can cost-effectively add on additional digital solutions. Start by adding Barn360, a multi-application pork production management platform that integrates your Site Health Sharing map and functionality with nights down logic, employee directories and a unique home page for each farm manager. You can also enhance farm access management, traceability, and optimized pig movement logistics through Biosecurity360 and, soon to be released, Transportation360.


Multi-application pork production management platform.


More control. More communication. More compliance.


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Optimize Pig Movements


Let us prove the value in your operation

Every operation is different, and we are all facing our own unique challenges. So, let’s partner and figure out where Barn360 and Site Health Sharing can add the most value to your operation. It may simply be getting your critical data organized on one platform or giving farm managers more visibility to critical information so they can make better decisions, or maybe it’s about improving biosecurity compliance and farm access management for contractors. Whatever it might be, we want to make the investment in helping you overcome the challenge and prove how Barn360 is a multi-application solution that works for you.

  • 90-day trial period at no cost to you
  • Start with system assessment, identifying opportunities
  • Define success and how we will measure it
  • Work with our team on sharing and uploading data, onboarding, and ongoing support
  • Provide feedback throughout the process
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Your data is secure and protected

BarnTools is commited to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. We understand that the protection of your confidential data is a top priority in your decision to choose us as your digital transformation partner.

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Get all your questions answered

How long between setup and starting to use the platform to make decisions?

Usually one week to get going, but most of the work is on our end so we don't strain your time and resources!

How does the geofencing work?

As you realize the value Barn360 delivers, you can cost-effectively integrate additional digital solutions to your Barn360 home page in the areas of Biosecurity, Site Health Sharing, and, soon to be released, a new solution to help you optimize your pig movement logistics.

Can I share health status with my neighbors?

Yes, if both production systems are on Barn360 and consent to sharing site health.

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Contact us to get the discussion started. We understand pork production and have experience helping producers get more value out of their data. Email or give us a call to help set up the next steps with our team of production and digital transformation experts.

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