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Ready for a Reliable Barn Alarm?

Never miss an alarm again with BarnTalk, the self-connecting barn alarm‍ for swine and poultry producers.

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It Starts With Reliable Connectivity, Out-Of-The-Box

The BarnTalk Gateway includes built-in cellular connectivity that automatically connects as soon as you plug it in. No landline, WiFi, or cell phone plan needed.

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Built for the Back Country

Works where your phone won’t. BarnTalk uses only one breadcrumb of data per month.

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BarnTalk is the industry’s only self-testing alarm. BarnTalk completes a self-test every 2 minutes and sends an alert if the system doesn’t respond.

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Simple to Use

There’s no learning curve with the BarnTalk app. The design is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy enough for anyone to use.

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Set Thresholds and Alarms

Maximum and minimum “normal” ranges for each sensor.

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See your Barn Environment

Real-time and historical data tracking.

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Complete Monitoring

Choose from our full suite of wireless sensors

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Install in 10 minutes

Easy DIY Install

BarnTalk is a plug-and-play, wireless alarm that can be set up in 10 minutes. Save the money on hiring an electrician.

Stop Being Left in the Dark by Your Old Alarm

Say goodbye to vague zone numbers and secure 24/7 visibility with BarnTalk.

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BarnTalk Manage Threshold Mobile View

Set customized thresholds for when an alarm should be triggered and adjust them anytime.

BarnTalk Barn Power Failure Alert Mobile View

Quickly respond to temp changes and receive alarms via text message, phone call, or push notification from the app.

BarnTalk Temperature Graph Mobile View

Monitor trends and changes in temp at your fingertips to identify issues before they hurt your bottom line.

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“BarnTalk gets to the root of the problem by showing you on the app itself and only calls you if the alarm is an absolute emergency.”

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