Maximize productivity with the smart-barn monitoring solution that lets you oversee barn conditions from anywhere via wireless sensors and a powerful mobile app.

Reliable connectivity • Real-time data and analytics • Wireless installation

Only $1799 for 1 gateway and 4 sensors + $49/mo Subscription

Protect Your Barn Environment From Your Phone

BarnTalk’s mobile app provides remote visibility of your barn’s power status, temperature and humidity, automatically alerting you to changes that could impact animal health and productivity.

Set Custom "Normal" Ranges
Maximum and minimum “normal” ranges for each sensor.
Instant Calls, Texts and Alerts
Automatically notify your CallTree for power failure and off-normal conditions.
Real-Time and Historical Data Tracking
Continuous Improvement in Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Installation and Connectivity

No wires. No wifi worries. No upkeep. No extra costs.

BarnTalk is the only plug-n-play monitoring solution designed to start working right out of the box. Everything you need is included for easy, quick set-up.
  • No electrician Needed. No installation costs.
  • Wireless sensors can be placed anywhere.
  • Already paired with cellular gateway - just plug it in.
  • Simple step-by-step instructions gets you running in no time flat.

Rural Service You Can Count On. Really.

BarnTalk solves the rural connectivity issue by harnessing multiple technologies that automatically switch to the strongest signal, regardless of mobile carrier.

  • Already connected to cell service, no set-up needed
  • Access the strongest signal, 24/7
  • No cell-phone fees or data charges
  • Back-up battery for 30+ hours

Maintenance-Free Monitoring

Hard-wired systems come with ongoing hard costs. Outsourcing an electrician to install, maintain, expand and repair grids is an expense BarnTalk makes obsolete.

  • No installation or maintenance costs - ever
  • No electrician or tech specialist needed - ever
  • No extra fees, access costs, data charges - ever
  • Lifetime system upgrades at no extra cost - ever

Better Solution. Better Value.

BarnTalk was developed by producers, for producers. So it's a practical solution, designed to provide better service, more affordably.

Your BarnTalk Starter Kit includes:
(3) Temp Sensors
Indoor (2), Outdoor (1)
(1) Humidity Sensor
(1) Cellular Gateway
(2) LORA Antennas
One-Time Charge of $1799 + $49/Month
for real-time data, tracking analytics, alerts, calls and free, lifetime system upgrades.
Real-time Data
Tracking Analytics
Alerts and CallTree
Lifetime Upgrades
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