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Digital Transformation

Not just for other industries. For us.


It’s not about adding another piece of software that you need to fit into your system. It’s about smart technology and transforming your multiple data sources and disconnected business processes into a single pork production management platform that enables your data and processes to talk to each other – even learn from each other.

Digital transformation can help your organization be more connected, more informed, and more efficient, while simplifying everyday operations for you, your people, and your farms.

What it looks like

Changes that bring tangible benefits.


Unexpected supplier or maintenance person manually checks in to a farm on a clipboard and enters with no known history.


Unexpected visitor receives a notification on their phone if they can enter based on where they’ve been and when, integrated with your nights down/health pyramid rules.​


My entire company gets health status updates in broadcasted emails multiple times per week. If changes in site health affect my visit plan, it's my job to figure it out. Frankly, it's easier to ignore or call someone else to access biosecurity rules.


When driving near or on a site, mobile App lets me know if I can enter without the risk of breaking our company's biosecurity protocol because it knows where I've been and the health status of those farms.​


Periodically calling or emailing neighboring producers/vets to let them know about a disease break on a specific farm site, or no sharing of disease breaks at all.​


Interactive site mapping technology that provides visibility and transparency to health-compromised sites to other producers, so you can instantly make better pig flow and production decisions.​


Standard Operating Procedures are stored in 3-ring binders and/or shared via email. Finding the most recent version on the farm is next to impossible. I assume it hasn't changed or I call someone.​


Important relevant documents are stored on-line, on one platform, and can easily be accessed from web or mobile. The most current version is always available. I can send colleagues a link with one click.​


Is there a need for digital transformation in your operation? Look for the signs:

  • Too much admin time, not enough “in the barn” time​
  • You export and import data on a regular basis​
  • Your data is incomplete, dated, siloed, and living on spreadsheets in multiple locations​
  • You have version control issues and are sharing data via email​
  • Your data management systems limit access to only a few​
  • You’ve been putting off upgrading your systems due to cost, resources and lack of data experts on your team to lead the process​
  • New software and software updates require customization, and a high learning curve for employees​
  • You have a server in a server room (closet)

Production Management Platform

More integrated, more informed, more efficient. One tool to oversee your operation — via desktop or mobile.

Site Map

Health Status

Farm Home Page

Your People

Site Map – all your farms on one interactive digital map

  • Visibility to an interactive site map where you can customize your view
  • Includes farm type, capacity, location, health status and assigned personnel
  • With one click, share site directions and site details
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Health Status – real-time health status and nights down logic

  • Health status for up to seven diseases, including PRRS and PEDV
  • Integrated nights down logic; change in health status triggers update in nights down protocols
  • Traceability and historical reporting at your fingertips
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Farm Home Page – connecting your farms

  • Each farm manager has access to their own unique home page
  • One platform to manage their daily farm activities and for sending/receiving information and updates
  • Connects data sources and processes between farms and company operations
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Your People – all in one place

  • Company and farm directories all on one platform, including location assignments, department and contact information for every employee
  • One common communication platform with user-group functionality, ensuring the right information goes to the right people at the right time
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Add-on Solutions

An affordable platform to grow on


Site Health Sharing


Coming Soon


More control. More communication. More compliance.

A better way to manage your operation’s biosecurity program, improving farm access management, communication, compliance, traceability, and reporting. No more signing in on clip boards, miscommunication, or visitors entering a site without permission and adhering to nights down protocols.

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Site Health Sharing

Share. View. Decide.

The Barn360 Site Health Sharing solution offers you an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded producers in the sharing of an interactive site-mapping technology that provides visibility and transparency to health-compromised farm sites so you can make more informed pig flow and placement decisions.

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Optimize your pig movement logistics.

Transportation360 automatically creates optimized transportation schedules, based on critical data, including farm inventory and dock times. Biosecurity rules and system changes are automatically updated and integrated.

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Together, let's prove the value in your operation

Every operation is different, and we are all facing our own unique challenges. So, let’s partner and figure out where Barn360 can add the most value to your operation by designing a 90-day trial period at no cost to you.

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A proven process that takes weeks, not months

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Share Your Data

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Feedback & Continued Support

Feedback & Continued Support


A proven, practical solution that works.

5years in-field experience
1000+farms on tools
1500+employees & contractors


Your data is secure and protected

BarnTools is commited to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. We understand that the protection of your confidential data is a top priority in your decision to choose us as your digital transformation partner.

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