Wireless barn alarm
for swine and poultry producers.

Affordable solutions for growers and large producers.

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The next generation wireless barn alarm.

Say goodbye to death loss with the only self-testing barn alarm
that checks your system every two minutes.

Gateway and Sensors

The mission behind all our work

Our mission is to connect and collect data from all livestock and poultry farms across the globe to help growers, producers, and eventually packers have the data they need to better do their jobs. It's our mission to bring technology into animal agriculture and be a leader in the field.

The mission behind all our work

Packed with cutting-edge features

Say goodbye to the unreliable dialer and annoying false alarms.

Self-Testing. Heartbeat.

Self-Testing. Heartbeat.

The BarnTalk cloud checks each alarm system every two minutes to make sure the unit is connected and working.

Multi-Carrier Connectivity

Multi-Carrier Connectivity

We find the nearest cell tower and connect automatically.

Barn Power


Each gateway automatically detects barn power.

No Installation. 100% Wireless

No installation. 100% Wireless

Plug-in the gateway. Hang the sensors. It's that easy.

Dry Contacts for Controller

Dry Contacts for Controller

Get controller alarms or other alarms via dry contact ports.

Mobile App

Mobile App.

No more going to the barn to change the thresholds. See each alarm, each sensor detail.

Pre-Connected Gateway Means No More headaches.

Includes two antennas for optimal connection.

Plug and Play


Plug in the gateway and it automatically finds the nearest cell tower and the nearby sensors.

Pair up to 24 sensors per gateway

Pair up to 24 sensors per gateway

BarnTalk alarm is a platform you can grow with. We are frequently releasing new sensors.

Wireless Sensor

Wireless Sensors. Built with a ~700' Range.

Robust. Waterproof. Dustproof. Long Range. Long Lasting.

No wire. No Installation

No wire. No Installation.

Install in minutes. Plug in the gateway and hang the sensors.

3 year battery life

3 year battery life.

Batteries inside can be easily swapped out and found for approx. $2 on Amazon.

Download the BarnTalk Product Overview.

Monitor Alert Protect

Set alarms, build your call-tree, and see real-time and historical barn temps and environment right on your phone.


See your barn in real-time and historical data.

See temperature in real-time with high and lows. Look at water consumption. Take a look back at trends and historical environmental data.

See your barn in real-time and historical data

Set alerts and alarms.

No more going to the barn to set your thresholds and alarms. Do everything from your phone. See the alarm details right on your phone. No more blind alarms.

Set alerts and alarms

Get notified and called.

Set up your call-tree. Get a warning notification or text. Receive alarm calls when emergencies happen like loss of power.

Get notified and called

Know what's happening

Don't wait for alarms to see when things are trending in the wrong direction. BarnTalk allows you to look into your barn and be alerted when things are trending in the wrong direction before disaster happens.

Get notified and called
"It would be crazy to not use the BarnTalk alarm system if you are a poultry or hog farmer. With the Heartbeat,
the system does a self-test every 2 minutes. It's a no brainer for protecting the flock."

Greg Gibson, American Poultry Company Inc.

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