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About BarnTools

We're Empowering Growers and Integrators with Better Barn Monitoring Solutions.

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Our Guiding Philosophy

We embrace the essence of live animal production, recognizing that the barn is where the true work is done. Our mission is to create solutions that seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of caretakers, and production staff, emphasizing practicality and ease of use.

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Our Promise

We know that the caretakers are there for the animals, not the technology, and our commitment lies in delivering dependable tools that just work. Our focus remains steadfast on the farmers we serve, developing innovative solutions that enhance their livelihoods and honor their dedication to feeding the world.

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The Genesis of BarnTools

Michael Hansen, together with co-founder Jim Ryken, established BarnTools not merely as a business but as a response to real-world challenges faced in the swine industry. As individuals who grew up entrenched in this industry, they were all too familiar with the shortcomings of traditional alarm systems that protect these barns and livestock and poultry. These outdated alarms, heavily dependent on landlines and standard dialers, were not just unreliable but severely lacking in remote visibility. Every alarm failure, particularly ones leading to death losses, accentuated the need for change.

The world was progressing, with discussions about big data and advanced software becoming ubiquitous. Yet, for many in the agricultural sector, there remained a real disconnect. The cart was placed before the horse; these farms were inaccessible, making data collection reduced to pencil and paper. It was clear that the advancements in residential technology, like the Nest thermostat, were starkly contrasted by the archaic systems still used in barns. Why, in an age of smart homes, were critical assets in the animal ag industry left relying on outdated landlines and inefficient dialers?

It was against this backdrop that Michael and Jim made a strategic pivot away from the challenges of steel manufacturing for hog gates, focusing their attention on what mattered most - the grower. Their vision was a world where technology seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of growers, being both dependable and affordable. The result was BarnTalk, an innovative wireless alarm system. Unlike its predecessors, BarnTalk wasn't constrained by phone lines or carrier-specific hotspots. It provided a plug-and-play solution tailored for both large-scale and independent growers, effectively democratizing technology access.

But the journey doesn't stop there. Michael and Jim knew that adoption at the farm level was just the beginning. By successfully integrating the alarm system, they could progressively add layers of value, continually enhancing the grower's experience. At the heart of BarnTools is a guiding principle - prioritize the grower. And this commitment to offering practical, affordable, and efficient solutions is what positions BarnTools at the forefront of a technological revolution in animal agriculture.

Our Leadership Team

With unparalleled experience, our team has a proven track record to execute and drive growth.

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Michael Hansen


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Jim Ryken


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Josh Skinner

VP of Engineering

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Dreya Armstrong

VP of Marketing

Headshot of Broc Bebout, Director of Customer Success for BarnTools

Broc Bebout

Director of Customer Success

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Bobby Steinhoff

Finance Manager

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