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Monitoring your barns in real-time starts with the BarnTalk Gateway. From there, personalize your system by adding sensors — temp, water, humidity, feed, and more.

Start with a Gateway

BarnTalk Gateway

The brains of the BarnTalk platform.

  • Built with a 30+ hour backup battery.
  • Pair up to 24 sensors to each Gateway.

Pro Tip
On multi-barn sites, we recommend one Gateway for every two buildings


Choose Your Sensors

BinTalk Wireless Feed Bin Sensor

Track feed levels in real-time to prevent outages and improve feed inventory management.

Pro Tip: Connect up to eight BinTalk feed bin sensors per Gateway.


Wireless Indoor Temperature Sensor

View barn temps 24/7 to prevent losses and optimize growing conditions.

Pro Tip: Place one temp sensor in each room, or every 100 ft. in larger buildings with open air spaces.


Wireless Dry Contact Sensor – Square

Monitor power, generators, controllers, feed lines, water pressure, door switches, and more.

Pro Tip: Connect to any equipment with a power relay. Place within 700 ft. of the Gateway.


Wireless Water Meter

Oversee real-time water usage and set alarms to detect no flow, large leaks, or sudden changes.

Pro Tip: Install a water meter in each barn, room, or at individual water lines.


Wireless Humidity Sensor

Keep track of humidity in real-time to identify changes and maintain ideal growing conditions.

Pro Tip: Use one humidity sensor in each room, or every 100 ft. in larger buildings with open air spaces.


Wireless Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Can be used to monitor external temps, refrigerator or freezer temps, or indoor temps.

Pro Tip: Connect up to one outdoor temperature sensor per Gateway.


BarnTalk Wireless Bird Scale with Platform

BarnTalk wireless bird scale with platform.

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