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BarnTalk Dealer Hub

Access essential resources for selling and installing BarnTalk.

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Discover tools, tips, and insights to enhance your BarnTalk expertise and drive success as a Dealer.

Gateway with Antenna

Site Layouts

Download recommended BarnTalk layouts for swine and poultry farms. Learn where Gateways and sensors should be placed on typical sites.

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BarnTalk example site layout

How the BarnTalk Subscription Works

The BarnTalk Gateway automatically connects to the first available cell signal after its plugged in. No landline, hotspot, or internet plan is required! BarnTalk's instant connectivity is enabled with the BarnTalk subscription.

  • First 30 Days are FREE: The subscription begins 30 days after install and can be setup at the time of purchase or shortly after.
  • How It's Setup: Customers should contact or call 515-272-5122.

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1st Gateway

$585 /year

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2nd+ Gateways


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Need to Cover a Larger Number of Barns?

Connect with a BarnTools Sales Rep for information on Enterprise pricing.

Support Videos

Get helpful tips for installing BarnTalk and using the mobile app.

How to Set Up a BarnTalk System

See how a BarnTalk system is installed from start to finish. One Gateway can cover up to two barns.

Installing the Wireless Dry Contact Sensor

Monitor generators, controllers, feed lines, door switches, barn curtains, power, and more.

Using the Gateway Dry Contacts

Utilize the Gateway's 2 dry contact circuits to monitor the same equipment as the WDC Sensor.

How to Pair BarnTalk Sensors

Use the Scan to Pair feature to connect new BarnTalk sensors to a Gateway.

How to Enable and Disable BarnTalk Alarms

After turning off alarms for the desired amount of time, remember to re-enable them and inform your customer.

Name and Rename BarnTalk Sensors

Be sure to share how you're naming Gateways and sensors with the customer. This is especially important when setting up Dry Contacts.

Watch More Videos

Access more videos on installing BarnTalk, using the mobile app, and more.

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Installation Guides

BarnTalk easy install guide

Start Here: BarnTalk Setup

BarnTalk install guide

BinTalk Feed Sensor Guide

wireless dry contact sensor install guide

Dry Contact Sensor Guide

water meter install guide

Water Meter Install Guide

Support Guide

Download your copy of the Dealer Support Guide below. You can also visit our online Help Center.

BarnTalk dealer guide

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Dealer Support

Call/Text Drew at 515-207-8574

Marketing Support

Need marketing support? Request assets you need to promote BarnTalk below:

Customer Support

Call/Text: 515-272-5122
Toll Free: 855-580-0058 8 AM–5 PM CST Monday-Friday

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