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Smart Alarm Platform

for Pork and Poultry Producers

A new platform is coming soon that will help you reduce risk and transform how you manage your barn environment. New BarnTalk is a wireless, cloud-based alarm system that monitors all your environmental barn conditions 24/7 and notifies you and your team via a mobile app if conditions are not normal. No more wondering – or worrying – if the power was knocked out by the storm, or if your pigs, layers or broilers are consuming adequate water. BarnTalk delivers peace of mind, plus so much more.

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Optimize Your Barn Environment

BarnTalk monitors your barn’s internal and external temperature, humidity, water consumption and power – and does all this from an easy-to-use and secure mobile app.

  • Set trigger levels and receive instant real-time notification when levels are not normal
  • Check power and other levels anytime, anywhere, without going to the barn
  • Digital contact tree enables your farm staff to receive notifications and then communicate who is taking action to investigate
  • BarnTalk provides analytics, including historical patterns, so you can identify trends and adjust settings to help you make more informed decisions in optimizing your barn environment

BarnTalk Alarm System

Easy and Quick to Install

Optimizing your barn’s environmental conditions starts with an easy installation process. BarnTools provides you a complete hardware package with easy-to-follow directions and all the components and sensors you need. A five-step process gets you up and running in minutes not hours.

  1. Place sensors in the barn – no wire or wiring, they can be placed anywhere
  2. Name sensors and digital gateway component
  3. See sensor data on your BarnTalk mobile app
  4. Set limits or ranges and start receiving alert messages
  5. Add neighbors or staff to the alarm contact tree

Launching Soon

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