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5 Ways BarnTalk Can Save Time and Money

May 9, 2023

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Whether you’re a grower, service tech, or a production supervisor, we all like saving time in our operation. After all, time equals money, and a little bit more of both can go a long way in our industry.

Here are five ways BarnTalk can save you both time and money with automated data collection:

Daily Water Consumption Readings

BarnTalk takes water readings every 20 minutes and sends them straight to your smart phone app. What can you do with that data? The possibilities are practically limitless.

You can detect a leak within hours as opposed to days or weeks, stop excess water from flooding the pits, flooding the barn or house floor, and even prevent mortality in a worst-case scenario.

Water Graph Oak Hollow
Water Graph Oak Hollow

You can differentiate between groups of animals that are lagging behind others, which can not only be an early indicator of disease, but also help correct growth curves for greater uniformity. Water directly correlates to profit in many ways and should be monitored closely.

Testing Alarms to Make Sure They Work

Are you manually testing alarms and tracing wire every year, every season or even every week? Imagine all the other areas you could be spending that time resource.

Every two minutes, the BarnTalk command center calls out to each Gateway in the field. The Gateway simply responds back to confirm it’s still online. If no response is received, an alarm is triggered. We refer to this regular call-response routine as the HeartBeat.

Alarm History

Ever notice that the same building or room seems to be throwing the same alarm, but never had more than a hunch to go on? The BarnTalk alarm report, which includes the type of alarm, frequency, and timing, gives farm managers and production supervisors insight into how the facilities are being managed and can be used for planning maintenance and upgrades.

Alarm History Web Portal

Daily Hi/Low Temps

The agriculture industry has been coming up with creative ways to keep their eyes on this data for nearly a century. With all the time and attention this has one been given, why does someone still need to write these values down with a pen and paper on their farm every day?

With BarnTalk, we recommend placing a temperature sensor within every room or air space. We don’t utilize zones, so when you open your app, you can see this data instantly with each of your custom names in each area. You know exactly what you are looking at, and you can choose to share this data (or still record it on your daily chore list if you really want…) with anyone who needs it, easily and instantly.

Temp Graph New
Temp Graph New

Share Data with Ease

With BarnTalk, your data is your data and you can decide who else can see or utilize it. BarnTalk provides “cloud-to-cloud” connections so that production companies and vet services can easily pull daily sensor data into their databases, custom interfaces, or one of the open market platforms with built-in integrations with BarnTalk like EveryPig.

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