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BinTalk Feed Sensor

The Advantages of Using Wireless Feed Bin Sensors for Efficient Production

August 16, 2023 | Blog

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Maddy McGarry

Product Marketing Manager

Feed management is at the forefront of successful and efficient livestock production. Inaccurate feed measurements, delayed feed deliveries, or feed outages can significantly impact animal health, productivity, and profitability. For pig and poultry growers, wireless feed bin sensors are a reliable solution that offers several benefits over traditional methods of measuring feed.

Streamlining Feed Management

The use of a wireless feed sensor can also help with inventory management. With real-time data on feed levels, growers can easily track feed usage and plan for future needs. This information can help them avoid running out of feed. By having a clear understanding of their feed inventory, growers can make more informed decisions and better plan for their feed deliveries, reducing the risk of unnecessary expenses and lost productivity.

BinTalk Feed Tile Bar Graph
real-time feed levels

Accurate Measurements

The old ways of measuring feed, such as climbing ladders or beating on the side of the feed bin, can be dangerous and prone to errors. A wireless feed sensor can accurately measure the weight of the feed to the nearest pound, ensuring that the animals receive the exact amount of feed they need.

BinTalk Feed Title Percent Full
accurate weight measurements

Reliable Readings

Unlike traditional methods that require manual measurement, a wireless feed bin sensor can continuously monitor feed levels, providing 24/7 data on the amount of feed remaining in the bin. This data allows growers to schedule feed deliveries more efficiently, reducing the risk of feed outages or delays. With accurate, real-time data, producers can also optimize their feed management, preventing feed waste and reclamation costs.

BinTalk Feed Sensor Reading
feed bin alerts

The accuracy and reliability of wireless feed sensors can lead to better feed management, cost savings, and reduced feed outages. With these benefits, wireless feed sensors are instrumental for improving pig and poultry production efficiency and profitability.

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