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Revolutionizing Feed Management: BinTalk Wireless Feed Sensor & MTech Integration

April 3, 2024

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Michael Hansen


Managing feed inventory efficiently is crucial for growers, producers, integrators, and feed mills. BinTalk's wireless feed monitoring system offers real-time visibility into feed bin levels, ensuring dependable readings with over 96% accuracy compared to traditional bin scales.

BinTalk eliminates the need for manual checks and costly feed reclamation by providing continuous monitoring, 24/7. Installation is hassle-free, offering a more affordable solution compared to alternatives.

Real-Time Feed Monitoring

With BinTalk, you can access feed bin levels instantly through the BarnTalk app and web portal. Say goodbye to climbing bins and potential feed outages. BinTalk helps prevent disruptions by providing early warnings, allowing for timely feed deliveries and optimized inventory management.

Integration with M-Tech Software

Pairing BinTalk with MTech's software solutions enhances feed inventory management further. By combining real-time feed data with advanced software tools, you can streamline operations, optimize growth strategies, and maximize performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time visibility into feed bin levels
  • Easy installation and affordability
  • Prevent feed outages and reduce reclamation costs
  • Seamless integration with MTech software
  • Efficient feed inventory management

In conclusion, BinTalk's wireless feed monitoring system offers a scalable and cost-effective solution for feed management. With accurate readings and seamless integration with MTech software, optimizing operations has never been easier. Experience the difference with BinTalk today.

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