Wireless barn alarm
for swine and poultry producers.

Affordable solutions for growers and large producers.

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The mission behind all our work

A grand pivot into technology. We recgonized that not only are
barns not connected, but the equipment inside is a closed loop
and unable to connect.

The story behind us.

Our mission is to connect and collect data from all livestock and poultry farms across the globe to help growers, producers, and eventually packers have the data they need to better do their jobs. It's our mission to bring technology into animal agriculture and be a leader in the field.

The values that drive
everything we do

How we are programmed and what drives our decisions:

Solution oriented.

Focus on the problems, not on the product and features, and create solutions.

By Producers. For Producers.

We are farmers first. A tech company second.


Move fast. Solve problems. Innovate. Repeat.


Bring more diversity into agriculture through the means of technology.

Great over Good.

Hiring someone who is great is better than hiring 10 people who are good.

Agile or Bust.

Never let size or bureaucracy make us not nimble enough to adapt to an ever-changing market, ever-changing technology, and an ever-changing world.


Deliver on what we promise. Stand behind our word and our customers.

Give back.

We are passionate about providing food for those in needs.

Located in the heart of America.

Main Office and Billing Address:
Des Moines, Iowa

11236 NW Aurora Ave.
Urbandale, IA

Ontario, Canada

Distribution center for Canadian customers.

Leadership team

The perfect mix of farmers and engineers.