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How BarnTalk Compares to Farm Alarm

BarnTalk provides reliable alarms and instant connectivity, straight out of the box. Discover why over 5,000 growers have made the switch.

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How BarnTalk Stacks Up

BarnTalkFarm Alarm
Built-In Cellular Connectivity
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Plug-and-Play Install
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Monitor Conditions 24/7 in App
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Resolve Alarms in App
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Wireless Sensors
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Easy Setup

Plug-and-Play Install

BarnTalk is a plug-and-play, wireless alarm that can be set up in 10 minutes. Save the money on hiring an electrician.

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"Compared to what I had, BarnTalk is up to date with technology. My old system was outdated, and I had connectivity and cell signal issues. With BarnTalk, its nice being able to look at the sensor info anytime. I like that the alarm tells me where the issue is coming from."

Kurt Goebel

Pilgrim's Grower

Monitor Your Barns in Real-Time

With BarnTalk, you can view your barn conditions 24/7 at your fingertips—from anywhere.

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Instant Connectivity

BarnTalk has a built-in cellular signal that works where your phone can't. No internet, cell phone plan, or landline needed.

Real-Time Visibility Icon

24/7 Visibility

Monitor real-time conditions in your barns, including water consumption, temps, power, and more. Get alerted when problems arise.

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Easy to Install

Simple DIY install. Plug in the Gateway, hang your sensors, and immediately begin monitoring your barns.

Reliability Farm Alarm
On a Scale of 1-10

How reliable is your current alarm system?

Customers rated BarnTalk as a more reliable alarm system.

Ease of Use Farm Alarm
On a Scale of 1-10

How easy is it to use your current alarm system?

BarnTalk users valued the system's ease of use vs. their old alarm.

forget to turn on alarm
% Who Responded "Yes"

Have you ever forgotten to turn alarms back on?

BarnTalk users have significantly reduced their odds of forgetting to turn alarms back on.

Generator Monitoring Farm Alarm
% Who Responded "Yes"

Can your alarm tell if your generator transfer switch is on?

100% of surveyed BarnTalk customers had the ability to monitor their generators.

Download Your BarnTalk vs. Farm Alarm Guide

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