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Navigating the New Era of Alarm Connectivity

March 1, 2023

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Michael Hansen


With the 3G network officially brought to a close, traditional alarm systems and dialers have gone out of service and are leaving growers, producers, and integrators in the dark.

The inevitable phasing out of landline service under FCC order 19-72 is also following in the shadow of 3G’s discontinuation. By switching to a reliable barn monitoring system with built-in multi-carrier connectivity that works in rural areas, growers are adapting their sites to the next generation of barn monitoring.

BarnTalk Customer: Todd Bach
Old Alarm System: Agri-Alert
Problem: Verizon tower that provides cellular service to his alarm stopped working. I showed up one day and the alarm wasn’t functioning. I called them and it said they were no longer supporting that service.”

Solution: Todd gained reliable, built-in connectivity by switching to BarnTalk.
“BarnTalk is easier on my daily record keeping as far as keeping track of high-low temps. Now I can see them on my phone and don’t have to be next to my controller to see this information.”
Todd Bach with Gateway

BarnTalk Customer: Brian Hunter
Old Alarm System: Agri-Alert
Problem: Landline service for his alarm was very poor, and false alarms were a persistent problem. “If the landline didn’t work, how can the alarm work," Brian said.

Solution: Switched to BarnTalk to eliminate the undependable landline.
“At one of my sites, I barely have any service. Then I found out that BarnTalk uses multiple towers, so I felt comfortable with the backup built into the system.”
BarnTalk app screen
BarnTalk app screen

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