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When It’s Time for a Change

March 15, 2023

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Maddy McGarry

Product Marketing Manager

The Problem

David Traetow kept getting alarm calls from his Sensaphone and would have to drive out to his barns during snow storms to identify the problem.

“Should we look at something different?” David said to his dad.

David’s dad said he saw something in a magazine and that “there’s a pretty big hog farmer in the area that’s using it.”

“Boy dad, you just spent a lot of money on this Sensaphone,” said David.
“Well it’s really not doing us any good because you’re driving back and forth all the time,” remarked David’s dad.

The Solution:

That’s when David decided he needed to explore a better way to monitor his pigs and gain visibility into his barns. He contacted BarnTools to learn more about BarnTalk and purchased the system for his site.

Pigs and Temp Sensor
“BarnTalk is the easiest system to install in the world," David said.

“I talked to two other farmers recently, and I think they are gonna go for it,” David said. “I mean, it’s awesome. It’s so much better than what’s out there.”

“I just think it’s a great product, holy cow. I mean something that can access so many different cell services.”

When It's Time for a Change

BarnTalk Gateway Render.

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