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Hog Barn Alarm Systems

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For the Grower

At the core, BarnTalk is an affordable alarm system for barn owners and growers. We provided the connectivity and eliminate the headaches of phone lines and hotspots. No more false alarms.

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Multi-Carrier Connectivity. Automatically.

Plug the gateway in and we take care of the rest. We provide the connection built right into our gateway.

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Self-Testing Every 2 Minutes

Every 2 minutes, the BarnTalk command center calls gateways in the field. The gateway responds to confirm it's still online. If we don't hear back, an alarm triggers. This self-test is the HeartBeat.

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Mobile App

See real-time barn temps and environment details. Manage and acknowledge alarms right from the app.

For the Producer

BarnTalk can bring visibility and data across your entire production system. Get growers and company owned sites all reporting essential data automatically.

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Automatically Collect Hi-Low Temps and Water Usage

Collect this data automatically across your system.

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Visibility Into Alarms

See a global view of what is happening across your system. Avoid unneeded death loss with an alarm that checks itself.

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Get Data from Growers Using BarnTalk

Aggregate your entire grower base and company owned sites to get a holistic view and identify trends.

For Swine Research

Looking to do research? We enable customers to collect barn data at an affordable price while getting granular at the crate level.

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Measure Water at the Crate Level

Use our sensors to conduct research at a granular level.

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Integrate with Other Software

Use BarnTalk data and overlay it with other production data to find trends and efficiencies in live production and facility management.

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Data Collection

Overlay barn environmental data onto other production data to make better decisions.