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Smart Technology in the Barn is Becoming Smarter

March 15, 2024

Today’s technology allows the pork producer or farm manager to monitor barn conditions via their smartphone. This technology helps the producer respond to issues before they become a bigger problem. (National Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff/Lori Hays)

BarnTalk-Monitor Your Environment

December 11, 2023

BarnTalk gateway

BarnTools’ wireless system BarnTalk is making monitoring the barn’s environment 24/7 possible for every owner

Raising Hogs for 150 Years

October 16, 2023

farmers in field

Dean Frazer and his son and daughter-in-law, Grant and Josie, can track what’s going on in their hog facilities from their phone utilizing BarnTalk.

BarnTools Launches New Real-Time Feed Monitoring Solution

March 27, 2023


With the BinTalk wireless feed bin sensor, growers can monitor the amount of feed inside their bins 24/7 on their smartphone.

Benefits of Monitoring Water Consumption Daily

September 1, 2021

chickens in chicken coop

Livestock and poultry producers proving value in practical new technology

WPX: BarnTools Launches New Wireless Remote Monitoring System BarnTalk

June 24, 2021

BarnTalk in box

BarnTools introduces their BarnTalk, a remote monitoring system that can capture data on temperature, water consumption, and humidity within a barn, allowing producers to view this information from any location.

How Smart Agriculture Saves Farmers Money

June 15, 2021

Jim headshot

New tools can help poultry growers remotely monitor their barns and birds and detect previously unknown problems.