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Internet Enabled Temp Sensor BarnTalk

Elevate Farm Monitoring with IoT Internet Enabled Temperature Sensors

February 16, 2024

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In an age where the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how we interact with the world around us, BarnTools is redefining farm monitoring with its wireless platform, BarnTalk. The system is designed to provide growers, producers, and integrators with reliable, real-time monitoring at their fingertips.

Beyond Internet Enabled Temperature Sensors and Wireless Internet Thermometers

Experience the same benefits as internet-enabled sensors without the added headache, complication, and unreliability of internet connections.

  • Built-In Connectivity: BarnTalk leverages IoT technology to provide a monitoring solution that operates uninterrupted via cellular networks. This means you get the benefits of a reliable barn alarm, like those with an internet temperature monitor, without needing a separate internet connection, hotspot, or landline. BarnTalk delivers reliable, real-time data wherever you are.
  • Immediate Notifications: Our system ensures you're instantly alerted on your phone about critical changes, from temperature shifts to power outages and changes in water consumption. This quick access to data allows you to make informed decisions promptly, safeguarding your farm and growing environment.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Unlike other barn monitoring solutions that may only offer a temperature screen, barn power status, and basic environmental monitoring, BarnTalk gives you visibility into all the core conditions across your sites. Keep tabs on temperature, water consumption, humidity, feed levels, generators, controllers, feed line run times, and more.
  • Simple Setup: Getting started with BarnTalk is straightforward. The wireless setup means you can place sensors anywhere on your farm, and they'll begin transmitting data to your smartphone immediately—no technical expertise required.

Delivering Critical Insights 24/7

  • Real-Time Data on the Go: Stay updated with the latest farm conditions through our cellular-based monitoring. Whether it's temperature fluctuations or sudden changes in your barn environment, you'll have the information at your fingertips.
  • Alerts When It Matters Most: Receive timely notifications via text message, phone call, and push notification from the BarnTalk app, ensuring you can act quickly to any changes or potential emergencies.
  • Advanced Monitoring for Temperature Emergencies: BarnTalk excels in emergency temperature monitoring, combining the precision of a wireless internet thermometer with a temperature screen using graphs and summary data in the BarnTalk app. Our system is specifically designed to alert you to critical temperature changes, safeguarding against potential risks to your livestock.

BarnTalk's IoT system has challenged the status quo of farm monitoring that’s historically been limited by legacy alarms. It's designed to deliver reliable solutions that go beyond the traditional scope of internet-enabled temperature sensors and wireless internet thermometers. Monitor all conditions across your farm 24/7—from anywhere—with BarnTalk.

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