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BarnTalk Wireless Bird Scale


How it fits into the BarnTalk system:

The Bird Scale connects wirelessly to the BarnTalk Gateway. It MUST be used in conjunction with MTech's SONAR platform. The Bird Scale Sensor should be placed within ~700 feet of the BarnTalk Gateway. On multi-barn sites, the Bird Scale Sensor’s range can often extend across multiple buildings depending on proximity. We recommend two scales for typical houses, and three scales for larger houses.

  • Raw data is processed by MTech’s SONAR
  • Collects up to 7,000 raw readings per day (~500/hour)
  • For birds from 1 day old to 9 lbs.

Bird Wireless Bird Scale



Power Supply

Plugs into 110V outlet (can be hardwired). Includes a battery, which allows weights to be recorded if power is out.

Protection Level

IP67 waterproof and dustproof rated.

Chord Length

33 ft (10m) of wire between load cell and sensor.


Load cell is factory calibrated to the BarnTalk Bird Scale Sensor (no field calibration required).

Shell Material

Nylon Plastic


3 x 6 1⁄4 inch | 72*280 mm


0.5 lbs / 252 g