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BarnTalk’s Smart Alarm System

November 09, 2020

BarnTalk’s smart alarm system is specifically designed to give pork and poultry producers a complete and real-time view of their facility’s internal conditions: humidity, temperature, water and power consumption.

Monitoring of internal conditions is handled by a smart, wireless system made up of remote sensors that locally track livestock’s surrounding environment. All data collected by the system is uploaded to the cloud and viewable in BarnTalk’s dedicated mobile app. The system itself serves as a backup to your controller alarm, which can be wired into it with zero hassle.

In the summer months heat can be a serious issue for hogs and chickens alike, causing them stress and discomfort that brings negative consequences for growth, as well as sow and hen productivity. Adversely, younger pigs are more sensitive to the lower temperatures of winter and cooler months. All this can have downstream effects on production, and ultimately the producer’s bottom line. That’s why having a system that constantly monitors the barn environment is vital in any production process.

Farmers want to ensure that their animals are getting just the right amount of food and water and that power consumption is optimal. If these factors exceed desired levels, monthly and yearly operational costs quickly eat up a farm’s profitability margin.

Resource consumption can be addressed with BarnTalk’s ability to not only monitor water and energy but also set custom thresholds that ping an alarm the moment indicators go beyond desired levels. Thanks to BarnTalk’s wireless and segmented set-up, thresholds can be adapted down to each individual barn. This way the farmer sees his resource consumption in real time and can manage it better.

All in all, this level of oversight creates a truly smart farm, and in line with BarnTalk’s philosophy does so through simplification, lowered costs, and scrupulous optimization.

BarnTalk provides a synthesis of technical capabilities and industry knowhow that will give you deeper insight into the crucial aspects of your barn environment.

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