Right for your barn. No matter how big or small.

Wireless Temp

No electrician Needed. No installation costs.

Wireless Water

Wireless sensors can be placed anywhere.

Wireless Humidity

Already paired with cellular gateway - just plug it in.

See your barn environment.

Real-Time and Historical Data Tracking.

Set thresholds and alarms.

Maximum and minimum “normal” ranges for each sensor.

Manage your call tree.

Automatically notify your CallTree for power failure and off-normal conditions.

Multi-carrier. Finds its own connectivity.

BarnTalk solves the rural connectivity issue by harnessing multiple technologies that automatically switch to the strongest signal, regardless of mobile carrier.

Self-testing every 2 minutes.

Every 2 minutes, the BarnTalk command center calls out to each gateway in the field. The gateway simply responds back to confirm it's still online. If we don't hear from it we trigger an alarm. We refer to this self-test as the HeartBeat.

30 hour battery back up.

Each gateway has a built-in battery back up that last 24-30 hours and automatically recharges when power to the site is restored. This allows farmers to continue to monitor their barn conditions even when the barn is without power.

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